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Cryptocurrency is electronic money that only exists on the Internet and that has no physical expression. Digital currencies - a relatively new phenomenon in the financial world, is rapidly gaining popularity. Trading cryptocurrencies in the financial markets opens up unlimited opportunities for earnings: you can make a profit both on growth and on lowering quotations. The cryptocurrency market is open around the clock, which allows you to make transactions at any time.



The main tool that is used to make a profit from trading in the Forex market is currency pairs, they are the object of transactions to buy or sell paired currencies, the choice of which largely determines the probability of successful transactions. The company Novotrend offers its customers to trade in the Forex market, more than 35 currency pairs using the most favorable conditions.



The stock market attracts many traders and investors. Of course, the main and most liquid instrument in the securities markets are stocks. Shares are a universal financial instrument that allows both speculators and investors to earn money by changing the value of the asset itself and by paying dividends, because buying a share, a market participant gets a share of the company, with all the privileges arising from this transaction. Thanks to the advanced technologies introduced by Novotrend, you get the opportunity to trade in the stock market without leaving your home.



Novotrend company allows its customers to trade in the market of precious metals, using the most favorable conditions. There is a very high liquidity and price volatility in the precious metals market, so that you can get high dividends from trading these assets. Our service is characterized by: high speed of order execution, minimum commissions, and trading is carried out on the most up-to-date NTTrader platform.



Maximize your profits by investing in the world's largest stock indices using minimal capital and less risk. CFDs tied to stock indexes combine such advantages as diversification, low costs and ease of trading. You get enough flexibility to make a profit from both growing and falling markets. With the help of CFDs linked to stock indexes, you can invest in the whole stock index by active quotes with one keystroke.


Designed for professionals and beginners.

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  • Designed for professionals and beginners.

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Virtual funds
  • Platform: Novotrend Trader
  • Account currency: USD, RUB, EUR
  • Spread: Floating
  • Minimum lot: 1.00
  • Financial Leverage: 1:500
  • Margin call**: 80%
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Minimum deposit
  • Platform: Novotrend Trader
  • Account currency USD, RUB, EUR
  • Spread: Floating
  • Minimum lot: 1.00
  • Financial Leverage: 1:500
  • Margin call**: 80%
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